Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Special assignment from the headmistress

A report on Fleur Delacour.

Fleur Isabelle Delacour is a witch from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, a wizardry school in France. Fleur was born in France and is part Veela, semi-human, semi-magical creatures reminiscent of the Sirens of Greek Mythology. They appear to be young, beautiful human women, and their appearance and especially their dance are magically seductive to all males. When Veela are angry, however, they transform into something more like Harpies -- their faces turn into cruel-beaked bird heads and long scaly wings burst from their shoulders, and they can launch balls of fire from their hand.

She participated in the tri-wizard tournament at Hogwarts. That summer she worked at Gringotts Bank where she started dating Bill Weasley. They later became engaged and got married. Bill's sister, Ginny, has nicknamed Fleur, Phlegm, but she later proves herself to be a kind person and a valiant fighter in the fight against the Dark Lord.


Ingrid Ze Insightful said...

Oooh! Nice report!
I am almost done with your package... I wonder, do you want it when I am done or closer to the deadline?

Suspense can be fun, but it can also kill a person, and that is the last thing my family needs is another death to be blamed for... I mean, the loss of another friend!

S said...

LOL.......hmmmm......maybe sooner is better? April and May are busy busy months since we are having a baby in early-mid May. Right now we are just waiting around for time to pass. I'm excited!

Ingrid Ze Insightful said...

Oh! Do you know weather it will be a boy or a girl yet, or are you waiting to find out?

S said...

Waiting to find out. This is our fourth and we've known the other three times, so I told my husband I wanted to be surprised this time. I'm enjoying not knowing and knitting for both genders.

Ingrid Ze Insightful said...

Bleh. I meant to get this right out to you, but ended up having some health problems that foiled that plan. Anyway, keep your eye to the sky. I wouldn't want that stupid owl to just drop this one on your head, it is heavy, and that could hurt!
Now, since some owls have been known to wander off course I have put a tracking device on this one. I wanted to put a band on his leg that would give him a good sharp shock if he wandered off course, but apparently that is frowned upon by the Owl Post Union. Anyway you should be able to locate him by conjuring up and entering the code 02071790000284031182

I also just found the labels to the "Knitters Curse Catching Pills" that I sent. They will still work just as well without the label, but I thought you would want to know what they are. Apparently there has been some research done and it shows that people use different curse words while knitting depending on what house they are / were in at Hogwarts. Yours are, of course, Grrifindor flavoured... er.. formula. I am told they taste like Passion Fruit. Oh, and don't take too many at a time! I have found that this actually has the opposite effect, and that can be quite embarrassing!

I hope you enjoy your package!